Downtown noise and other issues. AND a link to a good story.

I just returned from a quick shopping  trip in the downtown part of my not very large town/city – Peterborough, Ontario.

NOW I can be curmudgeonly!  It was really loud!  There was traffic noise in general with addition of: a sewage treatment truck, followed by a tractor of some sort (the driver of which was wearing ear protection, so that part was good); followed by a city bus gearing down at an intersection; followed by a busker playing his guitar through a small amp.  It has been a while since I was downtown, so I was much less inured to the volume today.  My backteeth started aching as I walked along the sidewalk!

How do people live with this level of noise/sound? Every day?

I know that all the studies of the past 40 years have flagged the negative effects of noise levels – in cities, near airports, in hospitals, in schools.  Why is it we haven’t sorted this out yet?
Is it back to Schafer’s comments about the narcotisizing effect of noise? That enough of it puts us in a some sort of passive coma-like state?  And of course, those of us who complain about are seen as cranks. Which gets us nowhere either. 

Anyhow – I feel a bit better now.  Am at home, with my computer fan and my floor fan running.  Noise level is not as bad as downtown, for sure. (And my neighbour is no longer power washing his gazebo!)

 Additional noise note: On the weekend our new hot water tank’s power vent started being very noisy.  They came Saturday to look at it; found nothing. Same sound a few times Sunday. Today – new power vent motor was put on, but apparently power vented hot water tanks are LOUD!  (Did you know that?  So if you are getting a new hot water tank, try to get them to soundproof it, although this seems very hard to do. If you Google this, you will find no good solutions, except accepting the noise, or re-routing the venting when it gets outside – where it can then bother your neighbours too, if your home is close to them.

So to close this post, here is an old Jewish story about this very issue – well, not the hot water tank but ……  There are some days when we have to remember this story. Noise around us is NOT always the biggest dilemma we face.

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2 Responses to Downtown noise and other issues. AND a link to a good story.

  1. rcayley says:

    When we visit next, I promise that we’ll make SO much noise that the house will seem quiet and peaceful when we leave! You can count on us!

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