Roofing and Noise

Today the roofers are here – stripping off old shingles, knocking off an old, unused chimney and re-shingling.

So it is a noisy place to be today!  BUT –  what is interesting is that there are no machines in use. No motors or any kind whining and rattling and roaring around us. Just shovels, and hammers and guys walking around overhead, and periodically calling out to each other. (I think later there will be a short burst of skill-sawing, to cut some plywood to cover the hole where the chimney was.) So except for the trucks that brought everything here, this day’s work could be taking place anywhere in Canada in the past 150 years, or longer.

This is what R. Murray Schafer would call a hi-fi soundscape –  “…an environment where “sounds overlap less frequently; there is more perspective—foreground and background” (Thre Soundscape, 43). These sounds are not masked or buried by other layers of sound/noise that is found in lo-fi soundscapes (e.g. city downtonws, industrial work sites.) There is no droning of a flatline of mechanical devices – for which I am glad. (And yes, I will be glad when they are done!)Image

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