Roofing Update

Only a few minutes after I proudly published my post yesterday, claiming victory for good old “no machine” roofing, they started up a generator and then a compressor for their nail guns! Yikes, was I wrong about the soundscape. Plus, the thumping, banging, hammering up on the roof drove us out of the house for a while.

The upside –  they finished the job in the one day, so no one is up on the roof today.  Nor is there anyone running any motors nearby.  (And the roof, you ask?  Yes, it looks great.)

I added David Toop’s book to the Books and Sites page today. Finished a fast read of it yesterday, and have a bunch of small post-its on various pages. There is a good section on James Joyce’s writing about sound in “Ulysses”, and about his section on the Sirens.  (Never having finished “Ulysses”, I feel a small urge to return to it again. Maybe.) Image

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