The Bruce and Paul Story

The Bruce and Paul Story – Springsteen and McCartney in England

OK, OK, let’s get it on the blog. It is this year’s big story (so far) about noise, and control, and crankiness.  Yes, you heard the story right – officials at Hyde Park in London, England cut off the sound for the Bruce Springsteen concert last Saturday (July 14th) about 10 minutes past the curfew deadline.  Yes, it was right in the middle of Paul McCartney’s joining Bruce on stage to sing some old Beatles hits.  (You can see this part of the evening on the BBC News video link below. Or watch it here, at around the 9 second point, if you can’t wait.)

So what? Someone in one interview says that the people living around Hyde Park own  many houses, so ……  So what?  Too bad for them?  JUST because they are rich?

Others say the Brits are just rule bound. So? IF there is a by-law, and if someone is in charge of enforcing it, then shouldn’t they do so?  Oh right, Bruce Springsteen and his desire to perform with Paul McCartney supersedes the by-law. On what grounds?  Oh, he is a popular fellow, and so is Paul.

So what?

Bill Singer, writing for Forbes, weighed in on the issue.  Here is a link to his article, in which he self-identifies as a “cranky curmudgeon”!  But he ends the piece by linking the cutting off of the concert (i.e., following rules) to the LIBOR problem in British banking (i.e., not following rules.) Here is what he says:

“The music can’t run ten minutes late. Financial fraud runs amok for years. The lilt of Paul and Bruce falls victim to law and order. The corruption of LIBOR rolls on unabated.”

So what? Does he really think that there is some sort of connection between gross illegal banking activity and enforcing a noise by-law? What sort of logic is that?

For more on this kerfuffle/story, see this video from BBC News.

And here is Guy Stagg’s piece about his response to the sound shutdown.  He says that the shutdown makes him proud to be English. And yet he ends his piece with this:

So well done Westminster council: petty, heartless and pedantic, you embody the spirit that gave us Magna Carta and the rule of law.

Hhhmmm. Not sure that is a compliment or not. Read the whole article to see why he says this.

Wanna weigh in on this story?  Submit your comments and thoughts and we will see what people think.

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