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Toothbrush tunes and …. an update

Toothbrush tunes:  “Put some music in your mouth!” The selling point for this machine?  It helps parents get their kids to brush their teeth! Have you seen the ads? They are everything a noise curmudgeon dislikes: cheap tinny sound, and … Continue reading

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Basketball and silence and ….. two updates/followups

Basketball vs. silence Over the past few weeks in my little city, there has been a public display/debate of the very issue this blog is about – who gets to make noise, and who gets to define it as such, … Continue reading

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Drying your hands in quiet?

Hand driers/dryers How many of us use public washrooms?  We use them at work, at the library, at the airport, the train station, the bookstore – wherever we need to ‘go’.  And we are glad to have them available. Inside … Continue reading

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Harmonic Fields

Pierre Sauvoguet and Harmonic Fields Pierre Sauvoguet is a French composer/musician/creator. One of his recent projects is “Harmonic Fields”, which uses all sorts of created instruments to make music in the wind. Thus the music generated is always different, and … Continue reading

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