Harmonic Fields

Pierre Sauvoguet and Harmonic Fields

Pierre Sauvoguet is a French composer/musician/creator. One of his recent projects is “Harmonic Fields”, which uses all sorts of created instruments to make music in the wind. Thus the music generated is always different, and dependent on the weather. Almost aleatory music!

Here are several videos of the installation, in various locations:





This is a good long video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qUWKlUrLDU&feature=related

Here is one from an installation of Harmonic Fields in Germany. You can see people just sitting around, waiting for the wind and the sound. They might hear something, or they might not. And as they wait, they will hear …..  well, whatever there is to hear.

And if you take the installation to a windier place, like Copenhagen, in Denmark, and have a windy day, you get a ‘performance’ like this one.

Here is a video of Sauvageot is talking about his work.

Here is a short article about the project in the Lake District in England, with another nice video.

Sauvageot has strong opinions about his work. Photography is forbidden at the installations so that people will focus not on their cameras, but on listening.  “…Sauvageot wants to reintroduce the lost art of listening. ‘Of course I want people to look, but what I really want is for them to hear,’ he says. ‘Harmonic Fields is a reaction against decibels and megawatts. It is music in its simplest, most primal form.’”  Go to this Guardian article for more.

I hope you enjoy seeing and hearing his work. Perhaps you will one day get to experience Harmonic Fields in the real world. Or perhaps you will feel inspired to create such a field yourself.

(Thanks to the blog myjourneyintosound for introducing me to Pierre Sauvageot.)

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