End of 2012 Post

End of 2012 Post

No, I don’t think the world will end on Dec. 12.  But I guess if it did, it would be very loud, wouldn’t it?  Or would it just be a whimper? After all this time?

No – just letting you know that the Noise Curmudgeon is going to take a break until the new year.

But here is one last note about sound and noise:

Christmas music and …..  well, annoying “noise” in stores, malls,  streets, buildings, etc.

It is true that Muzak filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009, but that has not stopped the incessant flow of music everywhere we go. Many other companies stepped happily into the breach. BUT –

In November, protests from people forced Shoppers Drug Mart to turn off the Christmas music. YAY!  Here is one story about it.

In Australia, people have also been complaining about the carols.  YAY again! (One commenter says he will take his noise cancelling headphones when he goes shopping.)

And how do the mall employees feel?  My god, even if you like carols, eight to ten hours a day of a carol loop would drive most of us bonkers!

But – just so you will know that I actually really like music, and sound, and even noise (in its proper place and time!) I leave you with this video.  Send it on to all your friends. It is a wonderful treat for the ears and the heart – real music in a “public space”.

Seasons Greetings!


many thanks to Charles Schultz!

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