Welcome to 2013!

A Quiet Welcome to 2013!

Was New Year’s Eve noisy where you were? Fireworks? Shouting? Singing?  Loud sound systems? Was no one but you bothered by the noise? Rest assured that some of us were also bothered.

Does noise bother you?  Is noise painful to you, both physically and psychologically?  Do other people find your response to noise/sound a bit extreme?  Or even annoying? Or a bit “crazy”?  If so, then you are at the right blog! The Noise Curmudgeon posts about noise, sound, soundscapes, noise pollution, music (sometimes), and any other noise-related issues that arise or come across his hearing.


Starting with the next post, I will be writing a few posts about sound/noise and its relationship to war and conflict. There will be a post on LRADs, one on drones, and one on the use of music in torture.

The posts will be bi-weekly for now, down from weekly. If you want the posts to arrive in your email inbox, you can “Follow” the blog by clicking on Follow at the bottom right of the blog. (BTW – do you have your email arrival alert noise turned off?  Sure is a good way to decrease unwanted noise in your life!) If bi-weekly is not enough for you, you can read back through the posts from 2012.


Winter and today’s noise issue:   

 It is now deep into winter where I live, and snow has shown up finally, so I thought I would point out how loud snow blowers are!  (In case you had not yet noticed.)

Of course gas powered snow blowers are efficient. And they save on labour and back pain. But, one site states that they log in at about 105 dBs. That is 20 dBs above the level where a person will experience damage.  Here you can see/hear one in action.



I use a big scoop snow shovel. All you hear is the bottom of the shovel scraping along the snow. It is a pleasant experience – no lifting, just pushing, and there is no engine noise. You can see one in action here. Notice the lack of engine noise. (And no fossil fuels are used either.)

big scoop snow shovel

Another option is to buy a Snow Wovel – a person-powered machine for removing snow. Here you can see one in action.  Looks like it works; and NO motor! No noise! And no fumes!

snow wovel


If you live in Montreal, you will know that a massive snow storm hit that city on December 26, 2012.  Here you can see footage of the 44 cm. that were dumped in a 12 hour period. To deal with this much snow you want big machines.  (And a lot of money in your snow removal budget – estimates put the cost of removing this snowfall at $25 million!)

But for those of us just dealing with regular snow falls, a big scoop snow shovel, and/or a Snow Wovel will do the trick, and we can skip the ear damaging noise.

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