Drones are now a common part of military equipment. When we read about them, we are mostly reading comments about their abilities to ‘search and destroy’, usually targeting humans. Depending on your politics, you either see them as ‘good’, as effective tools of war, or as ‘bad’,  inhuman, inhumane weapons.

Dec. 17 airpower summary: Reapers touch enemy forces

If you have no idea what a drone is, or what it is capable of, watch this video.

Drones are also noisy. (Please note:  by commenting on their noisiness, I am not trying to diminish the destructive horror they represent. Rather I am identifying yet another negative aspect of this type of technology.)

If you have seen the recent movie The Bourne Legacy, you will see and hear a drone (or two) in the early part of the movie. The main character hears it in the far distance as it approaches – he has enhanced hearing – and then we hear it, and we hear it again as it takes off from a frozen lake. Very loud!

You can hear one here, flying near Chicago.

Here you can see one getting ready to go into action in Afghanistan. t gives you some sense of how terrifying they are. Imagine seeing such an object above you, way above you and then …..

Here is a video that describes the impact of the constant buzz/noise of these drones. The narrator suggests that the constant buzzing is akin to “emotional torture”, and produces a “deep seated psychological fear”.

Trevor Paglen is a photographer who specializes in photographing “secret” things like drones, and US airstrips. Here is an article about his work, with a couple of pictures he has taken of drones.

There are organizations against drones in various parts of the USA. Here is a link to one website. There are both humanitarian, anti-war reasons for stopping drones; and, at a lesser level, there is a sound/noise reason too.

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