Bird Be Gone

Bird Be Gone


Apparently pigeons like hanging out in subway stations. And if you have enough (what makes enough?) pigeons, they produce a LOT of droppings. And the people who run subways would prefer that there be fewer pigeons, and therefore fewer droppings. But how does one discourage pigeons?

 With sound!

Bird-Be-Gone is a sonic system for getting pigeons to ‘move along’.  The system intermittently plays a recording of a pigeon in distress, which drives the real pigeons away!

Here is a link to a story about their use in the subway system in NYC.

And now Toronto is trying out the system.

Here is a video of the system in action in Toronto.

Here is a link to the company, Bird Be Gone – they sell all sorts of systems for getting rid of ‘pest’ birds.

The problem with the sonic system?  It is quite loud; and many passengers have complained about the noise.

So what to do?  Pigeon poo, or loud, annoying noise?  Sounds like a familiar dilemma for the  urban world, and another challenge for the Noise Curmudgeon.

pigeon droppings

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2 Responses to Bird Be Gone

  1. Dennis says:

    I have no beef with pigeons. Well, hopefully I have no beef with pigeons, but recent FDA findings on horse meat in hamburgers has me worried.

    Anyway, I do not not hate pigeons. This item is interesting, though, because subways are extremely varied acoustic environments. Apart from the many random reverberating spaces created by so many pillars, floors, tunnels, etc., they are incredibly dynamic and diverse in terms of human activity. When I was in NYC last year I made a bunch of recordings of ambient sound around the city. The most interesting spaces were invariably subways. One recording is simply me walking around inside the Times Square station. Acoustically, it’s a rich tapestry.

  2. Devon says:

    Bathurst Station in Toronto used to broadcast classical music through the PA system. I know that canned music in public spaces is not to everyone’s taste, but I used to find this quite charming whenever I would pass through the station.

    In an effort to eliminate the pigeon problem, the station has done away with the music and now broadcasts horrendous bird noises at regular intervals. This noise, I can report, is more than a mild irritant. Anecdotally though, it does seem to keep the pigeons at bay.

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