Foley Artists

The end is nigh for foley artists.


I read several weeks ago that CBC would no longer be producing radio dramas, and that their radio drama studios would soon close. Along with the article  there were pictures of various tools used by foley artists to produce sound effects for radio shows. (What is foley, you ask?  Here is a fast answer, at Wikipedia.)

Here you can see an example of a sound effects studio at CBC. Very cool and fun.

This post is not really about ‘bad’ noise. These artists were key in radio dramas, and are still important in the film industry. All those sounds you hear during a movie have been created in ingenious ways by foley artists.  So this post is a brief but fond nod to the dying art of creating sound effects from real life materials, not digital creations.

Here are various videos about foley:

There is also a video about a guy who is a foley artist for porn movies – but I figured I would keep this post at a family viewing level, so you can search that one out for yourself!

Watch this video.  It is a student project that might lead you to add sound effects to your own videos or perhaps a photo display/slideshow.  Add in the kids screaming, or the wind blowing, or …..  Imagine your flickr or Facebook photos coming to life with sound effects. Long live foley artists!

Follow-up re: the post on music and torture.  If you watch Homeland, you will find, in Season One, episode 5, a disturbing portrayal of the use of very loud music as part of an interrogation.
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