Toronto and Jets

Toronto and Jets

No, not football Jets and not hockey Jets.  But the ones that fly in the sky.

porter jet 2

If you don’t know Toronto, there is an international airport just north of the city, Pearson Airport. This is the main airport.  But there is also another, smaller one on Toronto Island. (See here for a map.)

This is what it looks like in ‘real’ life.  People live all around it – on the islands, and on the shoreline.


Porter Airlines, a small, upstart Canadian airline, currently flies prop planes out of the Toronto Island airport. Now they want to be able to fly small jets too. And this has led to a conflict between those who live on the island (and near it), and Porter.

In response to the charge that these jets will make the airport louder, Porter argues that the new jets they are going to buy are the quietest ones ever built.  Therefore, in their opinion, there should be no worries about an increase in the noise level at the airport. These new jets are built by Bombardier, using the new “whisper” jet engine, the PurePower PW1500G built by Pratt and Whitney. Apparently these engines are a whole new way of building a jet engine, which decreases their noise level significantly.


And yet…. they are still jet engines, and the Toronto Island airport is already loud due to the various prop engine planes flying in and out.

Here is a recent article about the issue. As it title notes, how loud is a ‘whisper’ jet?  It depends.

At this point, Toronto’s city council is divided on how to proceed. But they have agreed to study the proposal from Porter.  And you know how that usually works out!

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