Noisy Nature

Noisy nature

Most of the time this blog looks at how loud/noisy humans are.  Today, we will look at/listen to some of the ‘non-human’ world. (We don’t want to be too anthrocentric!)

Critters in nature also make noise/sound, sometimes to scare off enemies/threats and sometimes to communicate.  (Just like humans do.)

Here are some examples:

Beavers and tail slapping:  (BTW – belated happy Canada Day!)


Lions: Many of us know that roaring lion used at the beginning of MGM films.  Well, here it is in real life. (And just a reminder: unlike that young woman from Montreal who decided to kiss an adult lion, we will just listen to them.)

Walrus:  Here is an interesting clip of a walrus which has been trained to make a range of sounds. Weird! And loud, too.

Wolves: guess what they are doing?

Whales: Yes, of course, whales. They sing across many miles, communicating with other whales.  If you have not heard these sounds, you are in for a lovely surprise!

Birds:  Blackbirds, but not in a pie:

We have a couple of cardinals living in our neighbourhood. They have very amazing and very loud songs!

And of course blue jays – the birds, not the baseball team.

And then there are crows.  Here is a clip of a murder of crows cawing away!

And then there are bugs.  In this example, cicadas (more on them in the next post!):

So once again: noise.  Sound. Music. Noise. Sound.

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One Response to Noisy Nature

  1. Yes, cicadas … one of my favourite sounds but also incredibly deafening. Where I live in Australia the cicadas are so plentiful during summer that my ears vibrate painfully. More deafening than wearing headphones!

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