Houses, Buildings and Sound

Houses, Buildings and Sound


daeyang house

daeyanghouse2There have been a few postings on this blog about buildings and the sounds they make.

Recently, in flipping through Flipboard, I found a very interesting video about an architect who designed a house based on a symphony that has never been performed.

There are two videos to watch. The first one takes you for a tour of the house/gallery, built in South Korea. The second one is the architect talking about how he designed the house, and the role of sound/noise in the design. Both are worth watching:

And seeing this video led me to  William Hamilton’s essay on design and sound.

And that essay led me to this site, where there are several interesting spaces built with sound in mind. (Maybe you have such a space somewhere?  Let me know.)

And we can’t forget this house in Dresden, Germany, which has had various pipes and funnels added to its exterior so that it makes music when it rains. Again, an example of emphasizing more of our senses when we ‘see’ a building, or live in it.

dresden house

So, the spaces in which we live and work and play need to pay attention to the aural aspects too, not just the spaces and walls and visual components. Sound and hearing is a central component of our lives and needs to a conscious part of our lives.  As Hamilton says, “The ear inhabits a space, and captures a place, more acutely than the eye.” (

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