Anti-Noise Pollution League

Anti-Noise Pollution League

 busy-restaurant2 Moses Znaimer, Toronto media mogul, seems to dislike noise too. Especially while eating in a restaurant!

 He has paired up with 96.3 fm (a classical music radio station in Toronto, which he owns) and has launched the Anti-Noise Pollution League in Toronto. Here you can read a short piece about it. Specifically they are taking on noisy eating establishments in Toronto and surrounding areas.

 You can go here and see their list of quiet restaurants. You can then add your own selections. They also have a list of Rejects.

 BTW – can you imagine how LOUD it is in the place below? Ear protection time!


This topic of noise in restaurants was discussed on this blog earlier,  here and here.


restaurant-noise1And, in the name of promoting quiet restaurants, the Vancouver-based Right to Quiet Society has cards that they hand out to restaurants that are quiet. 


So perhaps each of us needs some of these cards and then we can reward restaurants for good behaviour.  “Catch your restaurant being quiet!”

AND – perhaps we can start a campaign to tackle loud, intrusive Christmas carols too?  Wouldn’t that be lovely?


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