End of 2013

Russian sounds and more

As you may have noticed if you follow this blog, I have a big soft spot for percussion and noise/music-making from ‘natural’ components.

ice drummingHere is a lovely video of people playing the ice on the deepest lake on the planet – Lake Baikal.

I don’t have much to say about this link.  I am not completely sure the sounds are for real. There are some sounds that don’t sound like what I imagine ice might sound like. But. There are some wonderful sounds. And they look like they are having a lot of fun, even in minus whatever weather.


In my previous post I complained about the ubiquity of Christmas carols. But today I have to take back some of that complaint.  As I entered my local grocery store, I heard carols, and began to cringe. But then I realized I was hearing real live instruments – warm, harmonious, cheery and non-invasive, not blaring synthesized stuff from the ceiling speakers. Yes, the Salvation Army folks were there, down near the frozen fruit section, playing four-voice brass arrangements of old carols.  Now that touched even the Noise Curmudgeon’s heart.  Here is a taste of what I heard.

sally ann band

For your Christmas/holiday time, I present this video; the sound of a soft blizzard with wonderful winter images. You can sit inside, with a fire, a hot toddy, and listen to/watch this video, and be grateful that you are inside, not outside. (Or if you live in Maui, perhaps you can just imagine how darn cold it can get outside.  As I write this post, it is minus 19 outside my house!)


BellRingersI also have a soft spot for bells. And, since my late mother was a handbell ringer, I thought I would put this video up today in her honour, and to promote the cooperative sound of ringing bells, be they small or large.

[And, much as I hate the sound of snowblowers, I want to thank my good neighbour Darryl for getting rid of tons of snow these last few days, especially today, the day of the ice storm here in Ontario.]


Have a good Christmas and holiday season. I hope you get the chance to make some joyous noise. This blog will be back in the new year.

charlie-brown-christmas-1212-xlg(Thanks to Charles Schulz.)

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