Loudness, Silence and a Chip

Loudness, silence and a chip

silence picThis is a brief posting today.  My step-daughter forwarded a link to me the other day. (She is, I think, quite amused by my quixotic battle against noise, and often sends me noise-related links.)

This one I want in on!

Apparently a company in Israel, Silentium, is working on a chip that will cancel out noise.


Karen Kloosterman first wrote about Silentium back in 2006.  Read that article here; and note the connection between Silentium and GM, and its Yukon SUV. Also note what she says about how Venmar, a Quebec-based company, wants to work with Silentium to decrease the noise of its ventilation systems.  Amen to that idea!

Here you can watch a PR video about the company.

And here you can see Silentium’s website.  (No, they have not paid this blogger anything to promote their company!  But I would happily take a sample kit!)

Check out this video, showing how the system works!  I love it!

And according to USAToday, Silentium is working on various other ideas, and is looking to hire some key people.

Here is the link to Ms. Kloosterman’s latest update on Silentium:


One can only hope that they raise the money they need and that they get this system out to ALL of us!

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