Arline Bronzaft

Arline Bronzaft

Every once in a while I find out about people who are pioneers in the work on the issue of noise and noise pollution.  Today I profile Dr. Arline Bronzaft.

arline B

Arline Bronzaft is an environmentalist psychologist, whose speciality is the effects of noise on people. Her early work (mid 1970s in New York City) was on the impact of noise on the learning of children in NYC schools.  Here is an article she wrote about the need for quiet schools.

Here is a recent article in the New York Times about her work and her background. As she notes in this article, “People use the phrase, ‘I get used to it — I walk the streets and I get used to the noise,’ ” Ms. Bronzaft said. “It means you’ve adapted to the noise. When you’re dealing with something, you’re using energy to cope with the situation. Guess what? That’s wear and tear on your body. So when you hear someone say, ‘I’m dealing with it,’ I say, ‘Yes, but at what cost?’ ”

Exactly!  And this environmental issue has been the centre of her work for all these years.

Here is an interview of AB on Women’s Connection.

And here is a link to several articles she has written over the years.

Here is a good piece from her, providing an overview of the issues.

She has written a children’s book too – “Listen to the Raindrops”, but it seems to be out of stock everywhere I have looked. It is one of the first books about soundscapes! Does anyone have a copy?

listen to the raindrops

As an activist now, Bronzaft works with various citizens groups around the world. Here is an article about a group of people in Brooklyn and their actions to stop the late night repairs on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

And here is her call to lawyers to help people fight noise pollution.

Arline Bronzaft is one of many people who knows the negative impact of noise on our lives. Today we raise our glass to her years of work on this issue.  Thanks, Dr. Bronzaft!!

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  1. Arline Bronzaft says:

    Would like to thank you for your very kind remarks about my work. Much appreciated. Arline Bronzaft

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