Pre-fall Season Teaser

Teaser before the September postings:


 Many of us who have a problem with noise have probably been bothered by noise levels on subways/buses/trains – cell phones ringing, people shouting on their phones, loud conversations, loud music, etc. (And of course the noise of the vehicle itself – brakes, bells, whistles, etc.)

 Train companies have actually paid attention to this problem, and some have instituted “quiet cars” on their trains (especially commuter trains in the USA). And, as the photo above makes clear, the GO train system in Toronto has quiet zone cars. Yay!!!

 Here is a link to a humourous New Yorker essay on quiet cars on trains – it is quite amusing.

 Stay tuned for the new fall series on Noise Curmudgeon, starting Sept. 7.

 AND – wear those ear plugs!!

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