Welcome back to the NC!!!

Welcome back to the Noise Curmudgeon!

 outdoor sound system

 Aside from the usual noise issues arising from outdoor concerts, bars and traffic, the summer has been flying by.

 An interesting moment a couple of weeks ago: We had one city block in town closed off for a Caribbean day event. We walked over to see it. BUT – the sound system was immensely loud. I had my Earpeace earplugs in (plug!!), so I was OK, but my wife was done in by the volume. People were standing around having to shout at each other to talk; others were at tables eating under the barrage of the sound system. Bizarre and painful. How disinviting an event. We left very quickly. I suspect that the people in charge of the volume are either deeply hearing impaired from over-exposure, or are so acclimatized to high volume that they don’t notice it. Or both. Or maybe they are just mean. 


ON another note – here is a link to a video of the top 10 loudest sounds in the world. See if you agree. What would you add?


zebra finch pic

And on yet another, even more different note, have you heard about Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, a French composer/artist? Here is a link to his project of getting zebra finches to play guitar! Make sure you watch the video and hear the music they create.


I hope you had a quiet enough summer. And that you have a few pair of good ear plugs in your life.

The NC will be posting every other week during the fall (except for a short break in early October).  Again, we will look at noise issues, and at ways that sound/noise inserts into our lives.

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