Telephones and waiting

Telephones and waiting – the horror!

The other day I had to make a number of phone calls to various businesses and government departments. And each time I was put on hold, with loud, annoying, synthesized music. These were full blown Noise Curmudgeon moments!

We seem to live in a world where we can’t be alone. We can’t find silence; we are usually bombarded with sounds/noises. Who made that decision? Where is the silence? And of course, while we wait, on hold, on our phones, we get music.


Ever wonder why you have to listen to music (usually bad music, usually too loud?) when you are on hold?  This article tells you what you want to know. (Teaser: one person they mention sat on hold for 15 hours, just to see how long it would take to get someone to talk to him.)

Perhaps instead of music, we could get compliments:

on hold

In a somewhat humourous attempt to tackle this problem, Alex Cornell, co-founder of UberConference, has written and recorded this tune, one that might be more appealing to listen to while you wait. Or not, depending.

One other point – go ahead and thank the companies that play acceptable music while you wait, music at a reasonable volume, music that doesn’t jangle your nerves. If you thank them, they might continue and others might join in. IF I remember correctly, the Department of Veteran Affairs plays baroque music while you wait. Maybe it helps all those poor veterans with PTSD. Give them a call, and ASK to be put on hold. See what you find.

NOTE: The NC is heading off for a while, so there will be no posting on October 5. But I will post again on October 12.



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