Eyes and Sound; AND more!!!

Eyes and Sound; PLUS – Turkish musician and his new instrument

Today’s post is a brief one.


I recently had eye surgery, and noticed that when I couldn’t see very well, my hearing acuity increased. Therefore, noises/sounds that I hadn’t noticed much before were MUCH louder. For example, a little bang on the kitchen counter would blast my ears. This is a good thing when you need your hearing ability boosted when missing your sight, but hard to listen to sometimes. Here is an article about research into this very topic.

Now my eye is better, and I think my sound /noise sensitivity is back to where it was before. Phew, on all levels. (Lesson for the day: take care of your ears AND your eyes!)



gorkem senAnd this just in – Gorkem Sen is a Turkish musician/sound engineer who has created a new, acoustic instrument called the “Yaybahar”. The sounds it can generate are amazing. (They remind me of whale songs, and eerie wind harps off the Norwegian coast. It also reminds me of bowed double bass with effects.)

Check it out: http://www.openculture.com/2014/11/turkish-musician-gorkem-shows-how-to-play-the-yaybahar.html


And finally, a ‘plug’ for some ear plugs. These look good. I have not tried them yet, so can’t give you a personal endorsement. If anyone gets some, let me know what you think.

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