Venice and outer space

Today’s post has two parts to it.  And much as the title suggests a connection between the two parts, there isn’t one. Well, not really.  There are wheels involved in both, and there is sound involved in both. And travel.  So I guess there is a connection.  But ….

Noise in Venice:

veniceIf you are going to Venice next year then you need to know that you and your suitcases with wheels are breaking a new law:

Or perhaps those noisy wheels are not being banned. See here.

Here is a noise map of Venice (You can also link over to see one of Boston, MA.) As you will see, there are various parts of the city that are quite noisy. There is at least one spot that measured 98Dbs. in 2011.


 Space sounds:


As you may know, ESA landed a craft on a comet a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I know, old news now, right? Ho hum. We landed on a comet 500 million miles away. Or something like that. And it took ten years for it to get there. Yep.

But did you wonder how it sounded when it landed? Did that cross your mind? Click on the link below and hear the landing; and hear the sound the comet makes as it moves:

Here is another version of the sound!

And here is Canadian musician Andrew Huang who has recorded the Beatles tune “Across the Universe” using sounds from the comet. Yet another combination of sound/noise.

Still not impressed? Huh.

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