New York City Noise

Noise in NYC


Today’s post is a short one. It is a follow up on the noise maps I posted last time.

This post is really a link to a very good article about noise in NYC. Drawing on all sorts of data, but mostly on noise complaints, the author dissects which noise issues are the most prevalent, where the most noise complaints take place (he has great maps to show all of this) and arrives at a very clear conclusion:

 “With a data-driven analysis, the New York Police Department and the Department of Environmental Protection, the two agencies charged with regulating noise, ought to be able to develop customized solutions for the different parts of the city—whether the problem is idling engines in Park Slope or loud talking in the East Village.”

It would be great if every city that gathers noise data could compile the data in such a clear and comprehensive way.

Here is the link:

IF you know of similar articles, please let me know.

(Thanks to Rachael C. for forwarding this link to me.)

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