Combat Noise

Combat noise

If you watch the news or read the news, you are well aware that there are military battles going on all over the world. These are violent, dangerous, horrible battles.

combat 1

combat 5

combat 4

In a previous post I wrote about Joshua and the battle of Jericho, and the use of sound/noise to break the walls. And I have also written about LRADs and about drones.

Today’s posting is a link to an article about war and battle. The focus of the article is noise and communication, about how soldiers try to communicate with each other in a battle situation. This post is not an attempt to romanticize war and combat. We have enough of that in Hollywood movies. Rather I am highlighting how noise/sound plays an integral role in what really happens in a battle, and in what happens to people after a battle.

The article I am linking to was written by a soldier with combat experience. In it he discusses the various ways and reasons for soldiers to yell and shout. Combat, as he points out, is incredibly loud. Guns, grenades, tanks, helicopters and trucks all produce a cacophony which is confusing and scary and stressful. Wonder why they called it “shell-shocked” back in WWI? The constancy of battle noise can drive people over the edge. Soldiers who make it back home often experience PTSD, and the impact of battle noise is part of that disorder.

Here is the article link:

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