Mapping Noise, again

Mapping noise, again

Well, every few months it seems that I end up talking about maps and mapping noise. Here I go again.

noisetube app

In this article, we are introduced to a new app for your smartphone – Noisetube. This app, developed a few years by Sony, is being used by community groups to map noise in their cities and towns. If you have a smartphone (which a lot of people do!) and if you are concerned about noise, look into using Noisetube to start building a noise map of YOUR community or neighbourhood.

Here is another article about the app.

Here is a link to iTunes for downloading the Noisetube app.

And here is a link if you are using an Android.

Here is a link to some instructions on how to use Noisetube.

And here is a video about Noisetube.

US national park services

The other article I want to point you to is about a new project set up by the US National Park Service. They have created a map of the various national parks in the US, ranked from noisiest to most quiet.

The article makes a very powerful point: “Not surprisingly, the noise follows population fairly closely, but what’s alarming is that noise pollution grows faster than the human population, and in fact is more than doubling every 30 years.” That is indeed alarming!

The article also highlights a second map, one you will find surprising, I think. Check it out.

Here is another link to the same maps, but with a different angle in the accompanying article. Check out what its author has to say.

Thus endeth our newest exploration of noise maps.  Hopefully more and more people will use Noisetube to track and identify major sources of noise pollution in their communities and then push officials to address the problems.

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