Cars and Noise

Cars and the NC

Imagine my dismay when I opened THIS link! And they call it “the melodious exhausts”! (Keep your volume down when you start the video.)

Here is their praise for the noise from these cars:

The Jaguar: “Lift off and you’re blessed with a cacophony of spits, gurgles and honest-to-gawd backfires.”

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat: “Invariably, the Hemi’s unearthly bellow is underscored by the screech of tortured rubber. Blend in just the right amount of supercharger whine and you’ve got a heavy-metal repertoire to rival Eddie Van Halen.”

The Porsche: “At idle, the Turbo S produces a somewhat sedate thrum, but once leaned on, all that tortured air being forced in and out of the cylinders has the Porker coming across as some kind of terrifying atomic vacuum cleaner. Mix in the volley of thwumps and poofs as the seven-speed PDK twin-clutch bangs off lightning quick shifts and you’ve got a fantastically bizarre soundscape.”

The Corvette Stingray: “This Corvette Stingray Convertible may possess the least extroverted exhaust note of the group, but that’s not to say it won’t have small children running for their mother’s skirts when you play the throttle symphony.”

The Ford Mustang: “The modestly sized twin tailpipes broadcast a robust and well-rounded eight-gun salute, courtesy of the 435 hp Coyote V8.”

Oh great, just what we need – MORE noise!

Do people really like the noise from these cars? I guess they must. Someone must.

Forget the issue of consuming non-renewable fossil fuels. Forget air pollution.

This is the Noise Curmudgeon blog, where we talk almost exclusively about NOISE in the world around us – airports, traffic, construction, war, drones, LRADs. To applaud and promote really NOISY cars because they are ‘cool’ and loud is just plain wrong. What is wrong with these people?

Spring seems to have arrived, and the annual spring arrival of the new models of cars is upon us!  Time for our earplugs and facial grimaces and shaken fists!

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