Noise in Cars

Noise in Cars

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Wouldn’t it be great if the inside of your car was quieter? Rather than hearing the engine racing, or revving, you would hear, well….. less.

There are companies working on it, as we speak. Check here.

Bose too is working on it. Given their success with their noise-cancelling headphones, we can hope they will succeed with this new technology as applied to the cabin space of cars.

bose car

You can read more about their technology here and here.

Bose is also working with NXP Semiconductors to solve the problem of engine noise. As is noted here, there is a key factor in engine noise these days:

“The push to improve fuel economy is among the factors prompting automakers to look at noise cancellation as a way to reduce powertrain noise. Higher-revving four-cylinder engines, lighter bodies, and less noise-reducing materials make noise management more challenging, especially in smaller cars.” (

Of course, if you drive a hybrid car, you will already know that they are really quiet. Amazingly quiet, in fact. I am not sure how they sound on the highway, but I have ridden in Prius hybrid taxis in Vancouver, and the difference in the noise level is overwhelming!


And not that I want to promote cars, but this new Cadillac model seems to be heading in the right direction for the NC — Bose noise-cancelling audio technology, plus an electric motor.

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