“Dancing Grannies” in China

Noisy dancing in China

dancing grannies 2

Apparently some 100 million people in China (mostly women) like to line dance. (When you watch the video, you will realize that line dancing in China is not the same beast that moves in North America.) They dance every day, at dawn and at dusk, in plazas and parks around China. These women are known as “Dancing Grannies”. You can watch a short video of some “dancing grannies” here.

All of this is great – older women dancing, and visiting with each other, and having a good time. But there is an issue of noise mixed in this pot. The sound systems used for the line dancing are loud. Very loud. Deafening, in fact. In some instances, people have thrown rocks at the dancers, set dogs on them, thrown feces at them, and one man even fired off his shot gun over their heads – all to get them to be quiet.

dancing grannies

In order to try to settle things down, the Chinese government has developed a set of standard moves, etc., in order to regulate the dance steps, which is not pleasing the dancers. Many of the dancers do not want their “organic activity” regulated by the state. They just want to have fun! Even if it is noisy, and even if the Party is not best pleased.

Watch a video about the dancers and the conflict here.

And you can read more about it here.

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