Save your ears!

Cover your ears, everyone!

This week’s posting is just a short re-visit of an important issue on this blog: ear protection.

As summer approaches you are already using sunscreen, right? Well, as summer approaches, we will be exposed to a variety of loud machines: lawnmowers, leaf blowers, more motorcycles, sea-doos on lakes, motor boats on lakes, airconditioners. The list goes on. Oh, right, add outdoor music, and festivals.

As always, I recommend wearing ear protection, earplugs of some sort, all the way up to over-ear gear. You should do this if you are running any of these machines, and also if you are exposed to them. (And try to think of your neighbours when you are cutting your lawn, or revving your boat motor. Maybe use a push mower, or switch to a canoe!)

ear protection

A positive change I have noticed recently – more parents are getting their young children to wear ear protection. You may have seen them around? Or at least photographs? Little heads with mini-versions of industrial ear protectors? Very cute, and a very good idea!

kids with ear protection

There are several companies making these in childrens’ sizes. One I found is Moggies. (Not that I am promoting the company, just the type of product. You can find child sized sets in a lot of places now. Just make sure you get ones that work!)

And here is an interesting article which wonders if ear protection kids is the new bike helmet?

And for those of you with children, this article has some useful suggestions for controlling exposure to noise.

Here’s hoping you have an enjoyable summer, with as little unwanted noise as possible.

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