Summer Hiatus Time

It is time for the NC to take a break, so this brief post will be the last until into the fall.

I have only a couple of bits and pieces today.

First off, we go to England and to Heathrow Airport. As you may have noted in previous posts, England has been doing some good work on developing policies regarding noise pollution, especially in reference to airports.


Heathrow is a massive airport, with about 1300 arrivals and departures every day. Here you can read about their plan to assist nearby homes insulate against the noise of the airport. Here you will find the part of their website dedicated to noise issues.

But – and of course there is almost always a BUT when it comes to noise – Heathrow is now considering adding a third runway. And even though they plan to spend a lot of money compensating local communities for the noise, it seems some people might get better compensation than others. Yes, Queen Elizabeth’s Windsor Castle may well be flooded by noise from a third runway. And so she might get a lot of money to help mitigate this noise. You can read about this here.

windsor castle

The second item for today is a book recommendation. If you can, get yourself a copy of “All the Light We Cannot See”, by Anthony Doerr.

This is a wonderful book – generous, clear-eyed, emotional, magical, well written, a good story – just like most of the reviews will tell you. But there is another aspect of the book that I found fascinating – Doerr has a great ear for sound. On almost every page of the book he mentions sounds – chains scraping in the harbour, birds singing, cloth ripping, leaves rippling, waves crashing. And he does it simply, without fanfare, slipping the descriptions in perfectly. (He does a similarly good job with the other senses too, but I was most impressed with the sounds.)

all the light we cannot see

Best wishes for a quiet summer.  Take those ear plugs with you on road trips, to concerts, to cut the lawn, anywhere where unwanted noise may be present. And take Doerr’s book along with you.

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