Xavier Lozano

Xavier Lozano

xavier lozano1

If you follow this blog, you will have noticed that sometimes it deals with noise and noise pollution. But at other times I post about people who have found ways to create sound/noise from various objects. (See here for my post on the composer who ‘played’ the Eiffel Tower.)

Today’s post is about yet another such creator: Xavier Lozano.

Xavier Lozano is a musician from Catalonia. Mr. Lozano makes ‘music’ with a wide range of materials. In fact, it seems like he can create music with anything.

For example: in this short video, he has made a flute out of a metal safety barrier. And here he plays a traditional folk song on this ‘instrument’.

And here he is, being somewhat silly on a somewhat silly TV show – playing all sorts of things as wind instruments.

Here he makes a guest appearance on some sort of Spanish late night TV show.

And finally, here he is in concert.

In general, people seem to view his work as laughable – and yet. What he is doing is transforming non-musical objects into music making instruments. Which is pretty darn cool.

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