Germany and Noise

Germany and its love of silence

We all love silence, right? Yes, sometimes we love noise, or we love loud music, or a loud party. But in the end, we love silence. (Even if we don’t yet know it.)

According to a recent article, Germany has quite a history of loving silence and hating noise.

Some facts:

  • 1907 – the first anti-noise society in Germany is created
  • first ever earplug created – called “Ohropax” (German for “ear”, Latin for “peace”). Its sales increased immensely during WWI, protecting ears from the noise of war.


Find out much more about how sound/noise has been tackled in Germany since the early 20th century; read this great little article!


(Goethe, a virulent hater of noise!!)

And here is another article about the anti-noise protests in Germany.

And here you can watch a video about these anti-noise protests.

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