Roads around the world

Musical Roads



You know those bumpy things on highways that make a whack of noise when you drive over them (aka rumble strips), making you wake up and smell the coffee and wonder how horrible it would be die driving off a highway, fast asleep? Have you ever been bothered by their loud, snarling noise? (But they work, right?  You DO wake up.)

Well gues what? There are places in the world where those bumps make MUSIC when you drive on them!

This link has several videos about such rumble strips, around the world.

And below are more links, to more videos, if you are looking for more bump tunes:

And here is another video, of another musical road in Japan.

And here is another US one, with some footage of the designer building the moulds.

And here is another one, where the design and building process is explained.

And this one is on Route 66 – too bad it doesn’t play the song!

So – maybe you can get some people together and DIY. Cool. Imagine some nice tunes along Highway 115, or or 7, or 28, or even the 401. Just watch out for traffic on the highway!

P.S.  Let us know if you know of any other examples, especially if you have driven on them.

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