Weddings and Car Noise in India

Noises in India

We are heading back to the various headlines that come out of India regarding noise pollution. (See the previous NC post on this issue.)

The law in India states that a person can be booked for breaching the standard noise level of 45 decibels (residential areas) during the night. For commercial areas, this limit is 55 decibels. (By the way, those levels are not very high. I was surprised to read them, because most noise pollution by-laws start cracking down when levels hit the 80s. )

indian wedding1

One new focus for lawmakers in India is noisy weddings. If you have ever been to a wedding, or at least a wedding party, you know that weddings can get noisy. But it seems that in India, the government might do something about it. They are looking at installing sound meters in wedding halls. (Apparently, in Delhi alone, on “auspicious dates”, there are up to 10,000 weddings per day!)

You can read more about this plan to control wedding noise here.

And the Indian Medical Association is asking the government to crack down on horn honking, which is also very loud in India. “A nationwide campaign against noise pollution has been initiated by the Indian Medical Association along with the launch of an initiative, ‘Horn Flu’, with Awaaz Foundation, a Mumbai-based NGO. The campaign looks to projecting the habit of honking on Indian roads as a ‘disease’ that drivers need to get rid of.”

You can read more about this ‘Horn Flu’ campaign here.

traffic in india

traffic in india2

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