Today’s Short Post

A short post today

Yesterday we were in Warkworth, Ontario, in search of photograph displays which are part of the SPARK photograph event in Peterborough, Ontario. (See here for more info about SPARK.)


And just as I parked the car, a huge ATV came rolling down the street. My god, it was loud! So here is today’s rant #1 – why are ATVs allowed on streets? In fact, why do they exist? They are incredibly loud! (You can see/hear what I mean here.) I would like them banned completely, but at least from streets. Please!!


espresso machine

Then we went into a lovely wee café to eat. Right near the end of our lunch, we were blasted by a loud noise – right – an espresso machine! Rant #2 – what is with those things? (Or am I just being too picky? Listen here.)





Then when we got home, a neighbour was running a generator so he could wash his car. (The power was off in our part of town for several hours yesterday. But, hey, gotta wash the car, right?) R. Murray Schafer was right – all this noise we make is about sound imperialism.

Murray S

Given that spring has finally arrived, please think about NOT using your various power machines – lawn mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, etc. Please!


On a lighter note, here is a cartoon recommendation, especially for those of you who live in apartments. Check out Joe Dator’s cartoon in the April 18th issue of the New Yorker (or see it here on his FB page.) It is very funny!





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