Car Noise in the Middle East

Car noise in Abu Dhabi

I think I know only two people who have been to Abu Dhabi. And I knew almost nothing about Abu Dhabi until today. Did you know it is the capital city of the United Arab Emirate (UAE)? Did you know it has been criticized by human rights groups, for years, for the treatment received by foreign workers? Did you know it has the second largest mosque in the world? Did you know it was built on an island?

This is what it looks like:

abu D

A particular part of the population is quite wealthy. And wealthy people usually own cars, sometimes several cars. And cars are often noisy. In fact, they can be really noisy. It seems that a lot of  people – (young men – I have a suspicion that women are not allowed to drive there?) in Abu Dhabi like to modify their cars to make them even louder. And then they drag race them around town, especially late at night. Apparently, in 2014, almost 7,000 cars were impounded for illegal modifications.

Now, Abu Dhabi has a new plan to reduce traffic noise – someone has designed a noise sensor that will trigger a camera, which will capture the license plate of the offending car, and send off a fine to the owner. Let’s see how that works. You can read more about the plan and the sensor here.

(Maybe I could get some of those sensors? Last night, downtown, there was a VERY LOUD motorcycle cruising down George St. What is with those people? I wouldn’t mind sending him a nice fine. Not that that would do much to deal with our addictin to noise imperialism.)

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