A Few Random Thoughts on Noise in My Life

As Fall rolls in, the sound of lawnmowers and leafblowers fades away. Ahhhh. There is always a wee sliver of time before the snowblowers and plows start up, a gap of silence in the neighbourhood, a snippet of bliss.

And noise inside a house?  I often forget how noisy our quiet house is – computer fans, furnace fans (when the heat is on for a bit in the morning to take that chill off), kitchen exhaust fan, the motors of fridges/freezers, the hum of lights, stereo speakers, ceiling fan, window fans, squeaky floorboards.  (These are serious first world problems!!) Maybe I will start wearing my ear plugs at home too. (Take some time to walk around your house and see what you hear. You will be surprised.)

And speaking of ear plugs. Recently I have had a number of conversations about noise (mostly with older people) and they get quite excited when I pull out my Ear Peace ear plugs and show them. They work!  Get some (or their equivalent.)

One other noise issue here at our place: we have an old exercise bike, which for months has been horribly loud, grinding and groaning.

exercise bike.jpgI realized last week that perhaps a bike shop could fix it – and they did!  It barely whispers now.  What a relief!  NOW I will get fit, but in silence, or semi-silence. Watch out Lance! (Oh, right.)

And of course the other noise/sound issue here at home is my bass. I sometimes forget to close the two doors between my room and Mary’s office –  and soon she is here, glowering at me, as I bow and pluck  my lovely bass sounds. Those sounds flow right down the hallway to her office and annoy her to no end.  (And sometimes I forget the doors and play tunes on my stereo – and again she arrives, glowering at my forgetfulness and my taste in music!)



Having noticed all these noises in my house, I can now work on reducing the levels. Maybe. At least I know why I sometimes feel more physically stressed than I think I should be – some part of my brain is resisting the impact of the noise around me. When I turn off a few things, I can feel my body relax.  Which is great! I recommend it.


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