Documentary: “In Pursuit of Silence”

In pursuit of silence

inpursuit of silence.jpg

If you are lucky, some day you will get to see this new documentary, In Pursuit of Silence. Director Patrick Shen made the film last year, and it is now making the rounds. You can see a list of places where it is showing here. You can also find out more about it at that link. And you can see the trailer.  There are also some interesting resources listed on the site. Take some time and check them out! (See Resources on the site’s main page.)

Here you can read The Telegraph’s piece on the film. They provide a lot of good background information on the issue of noise and silence.

And here you can read the Huffington Post article.

Here is an interview with the film’s director, Patrick Shen.

(The title of the film is the same as that of George Prochnik’s book, which I highly recommend. Here is a link to an excerpt from his book. And here is a link to a short review in the New Yorker.)

I am not sure when most of us in Canada will get a chance to see this film.  I think it has already shown in Vancouver?  But the site has a link you can use to host a screening. Maybe someone will do that?

If you do get to see it, let me know what you think. Now, let us all head off on our own pursuit of silence.



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