Ancient Sounds

Ancient Sounds


Welcome to the Noise Curmudgeon in 2017!  Happy New Year!

This blog is primarily about noise and its impact on the world, especially on humans. Yet I also post about music/sound production, which may or may not be classified as “noise”. (As always, what is ‘noise’ to one person can be ‘music’ to another.)

Thanks to the sleuthing skills of my dear wife Mary, today’s post is about a bone flute that was made in China about 9,000 years ago. This recently discovered flute, made from a bird’s bone, has enough holes drilled in it to create an octave of notes.

Not only can you see pictures of it – you can hear how it sounded.  (I assume someone actually played it in order to make the recording you will hear – though I am not sure of that. I think one would want to be very cautious about mucking around with a 9,000 year bone flute?)


This link also mentions other ancient instruments and music:  the oldest instrument ever found (a 43,000 year old Neanderthal flute), a piece of music written by Euripedes, and a 3,400 year old Sumerian hymn , the “Seikilos Epitaph,”.  Follow the links and learn more!

I hope you are as fascinated as I was by these very old sounds. Humans have created music/sound for thousands of years, and we will continue to do so until the end.  (Will the end be a very loud bang, or just a raspy whisper/whimper?)

May you hear wonderful music and amazing sounds in 2017!




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