Scotties knows noise

Scotties knows about noise!! Yes, THAT Scotties – the people who sell you Kleenex, and paper towels and toilet paper.

Do you watch curling on TV?  Are you that sort of person?  Or perhaps you attend curling tournaments?


Then, you might have seen a recent ad: this one for Scotties’ paper products.

Wait until the end and you will see why all these people are wearing their ear protection!


If you have ever been to an arena, especially a closed one like a curling rink, and if there are hundreds/thousands of fans in the building, then NOISE will be an issue. In fact, it can lead to long-term damage to your hearing.

(See here and here for previous NC postings about sports events and noise and ear protection.)

Suggestion: ALWAYS have your ear protection with you.  But if you forget, get to the washroom and grab some of Scotties’ product, twist it up and gently place it in your ears. That will help, at least a bit.

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