More on “Pink Noise”

More “Pink Noise”

oldies sleeping

Remember white noise machines?  They were recommended as a way to mask night time noise, and help people get to sleep.

If you have a hard time falling asleep, and if you are ‘older (like the people in the photo above), then you will know that “[D]eep sleep, and in turn, memory, decrease substantially in middle age.”( Now there is a study (albeit a small one) that suggests that “pink noise” can improve both.

(If you read the last NC post, you will know that “pink noise” is also being used in certain cars as part of “pre-safety” measures.)

pink noise2

Although this approach is not yet available for home use, you might want to know about the apparent link between “pink noise” and improved sleep!

You can read more about this study here.

And you can read the whole study here; doing so might help you fall asleep too!

PLUS – If you would like to try some pink noise, here is a Youtube link to an hour of “pink noise”.

Good night!  Sleep tight!

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