Eating and Sound

No, this post is not about people who eat with their mouths open. It is about ……

the noisy restaurant. Who hasn’t encountered this situation? You got out for dinner and you can’t hear the person across the table from you, and there is a general wave of noise/sound/music all around you. By the time the water arrives, I am ready to run for the door.  I think my days of going out for food are almost over. Which is too bad.

(I have written about this before – you can review here and here.)


I recently saw one attempt at fixing this problem.  We were in Ithaca, NY, and ate at a lovely Mexican restaurant; great food and cool décor. AND a lot of people and quite a lot of noise.

But as you can see in the photos below, they have put sound-proofing baffles up on the ceiling in order to cut down at least some of the volume. I guess it worked; I suppose it could have been louder! They could probably add even more baffles, and that would help some more.




Anyhow – I hope more eating establishments get on this issue and find ways to cut down the volume. One place to start is to turn down the music.

Take your earplugs with you, though they won’t help if you want to have a conversation!



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One Response to Eating and Sound

  1. GMB says:

    It’s why I started a site called, to try to find relatively quiet–ok, not hellish–restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in NYC.

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