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Since it is summer, those of us who dislike noise are gearing up to launch complaints about lawn mowers, outdoor concerts, various power tools, and, inside our homes, the noise of air conditioners.  (If you have central air condition, I guess there is not much noise? But if you use window AC, then ….. well, then you are going to have noise. At some level.)

We recently ordered a possible solution to this issue – or at least a diminuation of it –  a Haier Serenity Series Quiet AC unit.  It has arrived and soon, once the heat arrives, I will put it in our bedroom window. (In previous years, the noise of the AC in the window has really bothered me, so here’s hoping!)

air conditioner

This machine apparently has a unique motor system that decreases the noise level, and a compressor blanket to muffle the sound of the motor.  You can watch their little advertisement here.

You can read what Haier says about this machine here. And here you can see one of their ads; a slightly odd video, but their point is clear – this is a quiet machine. And here is another of their videos, featuring “Blabberbox”, the evil, invasive AC unit. (There is a whole series of these slightly funny videos.)

I will keep you posted on how quiet it really is, once we get it up and running.

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