Baseball and Noise

I am posting today because i want to let people know that talking to organizers of events can be effective!

Image result for baseball diamond Peterborough

Last year, exactly a year ago to the Canadian August long weekend, there was a weekend long baseball tournament in the baseball park near my house.  Yeah, I like hearing the crack of the ball and the cheering – that’s fine.  What I didn’t like last year was the volume of the music being blasted between games, on into the late evening!

I went down to the park to complain and found that I knew the convenor – she works in my local grocery store.  She said she would try to control the volume – and she did try – but it didn’t pan out.

The next week we talked about it some more, when I saw her in the store.  And over the year, we have talked more about it.

This year – the tournament came again.  And I barely noticed it!  In fact, I would have said it hadn’t happened. Yesterday I saw Cindy in the store and she said “How was it?” And I had no idea what she was talking about (though I figured it out!).  She told me that she had spent the weekend monitoring the music levels and turning it down. I thanked her profusely, and told her I would be posting the happy news on The Noise Curmudgeon. So here it is –  yes, the baseball folk were happy; and our little neighbourhood was happy.  Yahoo!!  A big thanks to Cindy!!

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