Noise and Restaurants


noisy resto1

Just the other day I was talking to my wife about where in town we could eat in a quiet setting.  And we came up with only two possibles – and neither ranked as really quiet.  This is a sad thing in a town with quite a few good restaurants. The appeal of the food pales in the face of the noise levels.

Then today I found this brief piece in a recent New Yorker issue, which is about a phone app called SoundPrint.

soundprint app

You use this app to check the decibel level in the restaurant.  Then you can post it to the SoundPrint app and let other people know about the noise level.  Apparently there is data from over 2700 restaurants and bars in NYC.  But.  More than 70% of the restaurants and more than 90% of the bars are rated as “loud” – meaning between 76 – 80 decibels, or “very loud”, which is 80 decibels or higher.

So the next time you are in NYC  (there are also lists for 8 other US cities – see the SoundPrint site) you might want to check with this app before you make reservations.

Or you might want to add a new place to the list.

Or, if you live somewhere where there is no list yet, you can approach SoundPrint to become an Ambassador!

Here’s hoping you find a lovely restaurant where you can eat in quiet, and actually hear your dinner partner(s).  Good luck!  And let us know what you find.

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