The Sound Sitter

The Sound Sitter

OK – I have to say I think this new device from Honda is a very strange item.

Yes, young children often cry. They are tired, sad, scared, hungry, tired, hungry, tired. And they cry. What do they want?  Usually some hugging, some food, sleep, comforting.

Pretty natural. And parents respond with hugs, holding, food, humming, swaying, rocking, etc.

Honda has recently come up with a new toy as a way to soothe your upset baby.  This toy is a soft toy car that emits the sound of a car engine.  A Honda car engine.  Apparently their research found that young children were soothed by the sound of a car engine.  Who knew? (This is weird/wrong in so many ways: it is blunt advertising, it plays on parents’ anxiety about not being able to care for their babies, it promotes the idea of fossil fuel consumption as a fixture in our lives, etc., etc.)

sound sitter

Maybe this idea fits well with current Japanese culture?  I don’t know. (But Japan is the country that developed robotic  talking seals as therapeutic toys for seniors, as a replacement for family connections. See video here. )

See what you think of Honda`s new creation.

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