The Atlantic


(CyrusOne data centre outside Chandler, Arizona)

The Atlantic. No, not the ocean – the magazine.  Bianca Bosker has written a well rounded article on noise. Her primary focus is on a small town in Arizona, where the data storing company CyrusOne has a huge server farm. She follows the noise problems encountered by the community of Chandler, and also details information about noise, its effects on humans, on nature, the loss of silence, its use as torture, etc.

Read it online here.  (It was originally published in the November print edition of The Atlantic as “The End of Silence”.)  At the end of the online article, there is a video entitled “The Hum: The Unexplained Noise 2% of People Can Hear”.)

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2 Responses to The Atlantic

  1. Florence Treadwell says:

    A GREAT article ! It states all my causes of acute annoyance and discomfort, and my concerns for the future. You’re a genius at digging up those relevant topical pieces. Thank God for the Noise Curmudgeon 😇
    Do you want me to post this comment on the blog?

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