Noisy Cars in Barrie



They are cracking down on noisy cars in Barrie, Ontario, via Project Noisemaker.  Police are handing out $85 fines to people with cars that violate the noise bylaws.  Yay, I say. (Though one wonders why they are using police officers?  Perhaps they could be replaced with civilians, paid for with re-allocated police funding?)

England has started setting up noise camerasto track noisy vehicles. I have not seen any reports on how that is working out.

AND –  we have to also try to figure out WHY people like these noisy cars so much?  What is the appeal?  Anyone got ideas?


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4 Responses to Noisy Cars in Barrie

  1. Marc Shivers says:

    LOVE this idea! I’m forwarding this to my city councilperson.

  2. Rose Divecha says:

    Hamilton is going to start ticketing for this offence. Seems to be a problem of “one-up-manship”, bigger (or louder) being better perhaps?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seems Barrie is a racetrack and it is getting worse! We moved from near airport in Etobicoke to have more quiet but honestly some days it is worse here! Think drivers will laugh at $85 ticket! Should be a bigger fine and demerit points. Police last year did not care about our complaints basically told forget it you can leave we have catch them in action. Seems an ongoing issue that since we moved here 2 years ago is getting worse!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s become epidemic here in Barrie…..hundreds of cars, trucks and motorbikes with muffler and other modifications roaring through our streets with abandon at all hours of the day and night with little or no visible police enforcement. Major streets have become a free-for-all for these guys, especially Lakeshore, Mapleview and Bayfield. No street is safe, be it main road or side street, these morons are everywhere and it’s high time they were stopped. No one wants to hear or see them so for all our sakes, let’s get rid of them!!!

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