Stadium Noise

BALTIMORE, MD - APRIL, 29:  Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chr


So baseball season is starting up.  But in empty stadiums – no crowds, no hotdogs, no waving of merchandise, no cheering, no tailgating, no waiting to get out of the parking lot.

But wait!  Where did that booing come from?  That cheering?

Various baseball teams are trying out a baseball game soundtrack, so it won’t feel quite so weird to play to empty seats.

Check out the story here.

(And hockey teams are also trying out soundtracks for their games in empty stadiums.)

All too weird.  Just think – IF you could get a seat at one of these events, you could have just heard the noise of the game –  the bat striking, the players calling to each other, the whump of the ball in the catcher’s mitt. It would have been an eerie but amazing experience. But no, they want noise.  Dang!!  (You can hear what it sounds like in the video in the link above.)

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